Have you seen the new Kikkoman commercial on TV or online yet?

The advert shows how Kikkoman soy sauce can be used as a versatile seasoning in every day cooking - perhaps in more ways than you might have thought! And the 2017 commercial doesn’t just feature our popular classic naturally brewed soy sauce, but also the gluten-free version.

Some of you will have already encountered our Tamari gluten-free soy sauce. It contains no wheat, so coeliac’s and people with a wheat allergy who are soy sauce fans can enjoy this delicious all-purpose seasoning with the same savoury flavour as the original.

That’s why it plays a starring role in our 2017 commercial alongside the naturally brewed soy sauce.

Just a dash of the classic soy sauce gives any dish a delicious full-bodied flavour. It even gives desserts a distinctive flavour nuance.

Now we’re looking forward to hearing what you think about our commercial. Does it inspire you to try out a new recipe with Kikkoman? Which of our sauces is your favourite?