David Hussey Q&A

We take a quick look into the life of Kikkoman Masters 2017 finalist David Hussey

Name: David Hussey

Age: 40

Current Restaurant: Executive Chef Sodexo Banking and Professional Services

Previous Restaurants: Eton College Executive Chef and Independent schools (Sodexo), previously fifteen years in restaurants and fine dining in home town of Sheffield, London and in Sydney Australia

Hometown: Sheffield

Favourite Hobbies: Cooking, Wild camping, Travel

Favourite Cookbook: Essential Cuisine – Michel Bras

Favourite Kitchen Gadget: Thermomix

Kikkoman Masters Dishes -


Honey and soy glazed foie gras, yeasted cauliflower puree, puffed pearl barley, ponzu dressing, pickled yellow raisins

Main: Cod, Toasted Corn, Sweet corn puree, Scallop soy ravioli, Mini Eryngi Mushroom, Smoked bacon and soy dashi.

Did you grow up in a cooking family: Yes, my Mum was, and still is a very good and adventurous cook.

Why did you become a chef? At the time, I like the lifestyle and being part of a team that was respected and produced great food.. and still went out and lived the rock and roll lifestyle. My passion for food grew with experience and time.

Where did you train? I went to Sheffield College on a day release scheme while working at a restaurant in Sheffield

Who are your favourite chefs? Simon Rogan, Sat Bains, Grant Achatz, Massimo Bottura, Tom Aikens

Other than your restaurant, what is your favourite restaurant? The Coach at Marlow for casual or L’Enclume for tasting menu. The Typing Room was the best meal I have had in London recently by a long way.

What music do you enjoy cooking to: Thrash metal

What was the last book you read? The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy

What is your favourite ingredient (apart from Kikkoman Soy Sauce): Flour

What do you think is the next food trend? South American food, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru

What food is your guilty pleasure? Scampi or “Feast” ice cream

Is there one food you really don’t like? Porridge

Worst kitchen nightmare? Being disorganised and unprepared!

Most memorable meal? I had an offal and intestine soup for breakfast once while travelling in Vietnam which was memorable… Not for the best reasons

Last meal on earth? Good bread, good butter, foie gras mi-cuit